Outreach Programs - Child raising hand on tour

In the Classroom

Please contact the Tour Office at 609-847-3150 for assistance with any of these educational programs and outreach offerings.

Back-to-School Program

The New Jersey State Legislature is a partner with the National Conference of State Legislatures in supporting America’s Legislators Back-to-School Program.

As part of this initiative, New Jersey legislators will make special efforts to visit with school children, providing personal insights into the value of public service and the lawmaking process. They can address questions such as:

  • What does it mean to be a legislator?
  • What is a typical day like?
  • How did they get involved in public service and why?
  • What issues are they most concerned about and what action is being taken?
  • What efforts are they most proud of?
  • What advice does they give to future legislators?

To schedule a Back-to-School visit, teachers need to reach out to their local Senators and/or Assembly Members. You can find contact information here.

Online Classroom

Our virtual classroom makes it possible to experience a Make-A-Law! lesson right in your own school. Through our partnership with Thomas Edison State University, a Tour Office educator beams into your classroom to provide the lawmaking experience in real time. Students assume the role of lawmakers and learn the process of bill passage by demonstrating the skills of debate, negotiation and compromise.

Our staff will assist with pre-visit materials and video conferencing setup. A computer with internet access, a web camera, microphone and sound capacity is required.

This program serves audiences in grades 3-12, and can contribute to New Jersey Cumulative Progress Indicators. Additional information is provided here as an offering for grades 3-6 and 7-12.

Vote Activity Plans

The State House Tour Office provides activity plans to help students understand the citizen’s role in the election process. While this material was designed primarily for students in grades 4-6, it may have broader appeal. The following packets include discussion points and activities meant to be explored along with public campaign activity.