Legislative Activity - General Assembly Eagle Flag Post

Observing Legislative Activity

Citizens are welcome to participate in the legislative process at the New Jersey State House.

Legislative sessions and committee meetings usually occur on Monday and Thursday. Public galleries on the second floor of the State House allow for citizens to observe voting sessions. The Senate President and General Assembly Speaker establish standards for access and decorum, which are enforced by sergeants-at-arms. Access to special events, such as an address by the Governor, may require a seating pass.

Committee rooms are located in the State House Annex. Some meetings are held remotely with live streaming on the legislative website. Committee chairs determine matters of protocol. Advance registration to provide testimony usually is required and arranged by the committee aide.

Citizens seeking to address legislators may wait in public corridors, with the expectation they will not impede anyone’s progress, hold signs or create a disturbance. Public events and displays inside the capitol are coordinated through the Public Use Program. Outside gatherings require a permit from the State Police (609-984-4222).

Notice of legislative activity is provided in the  Legislative Calendar, which is produced by the Office of Legislative Services Legislative Information and Bill Room. Located in Room B-1 of the State House Annex, the Legislative Information and Bill Room provides public information resources, manages portions of the legislative website, and responds to inquiries regarding legislative activity.

The Citizens’ Guide includes useful information for State House visitors interested in civic engagement, including a photo directory of the members, seating charts and basic wayfinding information.

Additional information is available under “Planning a Visit,” including driving directions and special needs accommodations.